About Us

If you're new to Denver, it may take a second or two to figure out that 5280 takes its name from the city's mile-high elevation: 5,280 feet above sea level. It's an unusual name for an out-of-the ordinary magazine.

We began 5280 in 1993 with the simple but unprecedented step of asking 75,000 area residents what they wanted to read about in a magazine about the Mile High City.

Denver, they told us, is a place of contrasts. It's hot jazz at El Chapultepec, dry martinis at the Cruise Room, and high tea at the Brown Palace. It's the man-made beauty of the City & County Building during the holidays and the natural splendor of the Rocky Mountains. It's wild Friday nights at the Grizzly Rose and lazy Sunday afternoons at the Tattered Cover Bookstore.

Denver's people are no less eclectic. In responding to our survey, they enthusiastically shared their interests in everything from the arts to the environment, from fitness to historical articles on Denver and the West.

We took their answers and translated them into a combination of high-quality journalism and eye-catching design. The result was a new magazine that captured Denver's unique voice like never before.